Hey, Lidia here. After more than four years looking for a solution to get the right traffic for my consulting business, trying many different and expensive programs, lots of information most of it magic solutions with high promises about making hundreds of thousands in 30 days or less.

You know when you are new “you don’t know what you don’t know” you just have the drive to make good on your decision to make a life change for finances to get better. Hey, at least that was why I came into the online marketing business arena. We tried everything, I mean everything, we have about 5 hard drives full of products, software, and “yes” Guru advice. But the results were poor, to say the least. I must say during the last 10 years the only headway we experienced was with some material from John Thornhill, but then procrastination got in the way, yeap that is right. You see the behavior is not there so you stop doing the things that work.

So we went back to our consulting training practice putting “High Ticket Sales” in the back burner “again”.
About a week or so ago, we got an email from John and quite frankly when we get them we read them. It came right on the time we all are hostage in our home with this CoronaVirus (Depends when you read this it happened around the end of winter 2020). Well thanks John for the email.

When we were introduced to John Thornhill (Who..?), well yes that was what we said at first but as we put our teeth in his material was a nice surprise. A no-BS straight forward, useful information that gives you a track to run to your goals. One disclaimer though this is a no Magic Get Rich Quick Scheme so if this is what you are looking for it is not for you.
You see we don’t mind hard work, or setting goals, or planning, actually that is what we teach people to do when they want solid results so John’s words and the material were music to our ears.

So John not only sounds real but as you go through the training you find out is real. You get a real system to follow step by step as long as you follow the instructions and John’s coaching. You will see the results. Now let’s define results shall we. “Results or “Success” is the progressive realization of a Worthy Ideal” as Earl Nightingale once said. This blog is an example of this great quote. The money will come as long as you do what you need to do for the money to come in. That is what we are doing.

So, if you are reading this and you are looking to enter, perfect, or start realization sounds results in your online business then you need to do what we did. Get on John’s webinar where he unveils his process o be successful online. Thanks for visiting my blog, Thank you, John Thornhill